Saturday, June 29, 2013


This past week my sweet forever friend Lynn Doto and I spoke (along with the incredible Tom Harris) at the Naples Classical Conversations "2013" Practicum.

It was AMAZING!  The families were warm, welcoming, and so very hospitable. It was a wonderful experience.

Lori, our beautiful and gracious hostess for the three days we were in town.  She made us feel warm and welcomed, and made the best coffee I've ever had in my entire life!  Thank you, Lori and John for hosting us this week.  We will never forget your kindness. 

On the last day we had the audience break up into groups and our precious friends bought both Lynn and I bling.  Here are my new earrings!  Lynn has snazzy new blingy sandals.  We are all going glamping in the fall.  

Thank you, Erin, Cynthia, and Jan.  Love you, girls! XXOO

Lynn, with Jennifer LeMay the beautiful Support Manager for that area.  Jennifer, you did an incredible job organizing everything and keeping it on track.  Thank you for making our stay PERFECT!

My new friend Erin, mama to 7 and weight loss queen extraordinaire!  She has lost 80 pounds in 14 months.  Thank you for being such an encourager Erin.  

Audience in their breakout sessions.  They were so much FUN!

Lori, outstanding F/E Director and our hostess.  I learned so much from her experience.  

Leaders for the audience breakout sessions

My favorite night!  We had so much FUN at Tin City.

I love this picture of Cynthia!

Precious memories