Thursday, October 20, 2011

Time4Learning We're Back!

As most of you know our big school change this year was switching to Classical Conversations.  It has been a perfect fit for our family!  However, what you may not know is that I took a break from Time4Learning after three years.  I was in a season of change and wanted to try some new things.  
Every six weeks we take one week off from school and during that time I allow myself time to tweak and change things that aren't working, while fine tuning those things that are!  Everything has been going so well that there was only one big change..... Time4Learning!  
Oh how I've missed thee!  I wish I had taken a video when I told my children we were going to use TIme4Learning for their math again.  You would have thought I had just told them we were going to Disney!  (grin)

This is our first week back and it feels so good.  I have missed the familiar sights and sounds of the interactive program.  My children thrive and come alive as they work through their lessons.  They find it so much more interesting then simply doing traditional math, paper/pencil math.  (We do plan to occasionally print the sheets off the website that go with the lessons)

The biggest bonus has been how perfectly Time4Learning fits with Classical Conversations!  
Every week in Essentials we work on Grammar/Math Drill and Creative Writing!  This has made a HUGE difference in their Time4Learning lessons.  They are more equipped this year than ever before. 

Jacob, is simply using Time4learning for his math and reading.

Seth, is using math, language arts and then we are pulling some of the social studies in to go with the history were are studying in Classical Conversations.

Colton, is using Math, Language Arts, Social Studies and Time4Learning's amazing art program


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tin Whistle- Week ONE!

I was so proud of my class.  This was their first time ever doing Tin Whistle together.  For many this was their first time EVER doing Tin Whistle.  You will notice it goes smoothly until the very last note.  That's because it's tricky to take all your fingers off the finger holes and then to put them all back without looking. 

This was certainly MY first time teaching Tin Whistle! (grin)  Go Class!


Sunday, October 16, 2011

Brandon's 20th Birthday Celebration!

Happy birthday to my pride and joy!  I still remember plunking your chubby little legs in the front of my grocery cart.  How can you have grown up so quickly?  The truth is that I am loving this new season of adulthood.  You are such an amazing young man.  I am very proud to be your mama.



My 28 year old sister-in-law, Kelly, came home from work with the flu four weeks ago.  She is now fighting for her life at Tampa General.  Her current condition is listed as being in a vegetative state.  

A precious friend who walked through terminal cancer with her son gave us great advice.  

"I have found that fighting until the last breath brings a lasting peace, regardless of the result."  

So, today our family stands and fights for Kelly to be loosed in her infirmities. (Thank you Leslie for that great advice)

 Wednesday night Scott, Brandon, Colton and I, along with a wonderful couple from my friend Leslie's church, came up, gowned up,  and prayed over Kelly with scripture, praise, and worship.  

It was a very special experience and we could feel the Lord's presence.

This is my beautiful mother-in-law Sue who is fighting for her child's life.  Please continue to pray for her, as well as Kelly.  
Some have asked how they can help.  Our #1 request is of course prayer.  We believe the Lord hears every single one!
Secondly, for those who feel led. The family has set up an account for donations to help pay for expenses related to her sudden illness. They had to move everything out of her apartment but are left with her car and other bills.  I am going to include that information here for those who might be led to serve in this way:
You can simply go to any Well Fargo bank and put money into an account under Susan Arnold's name.  Please let them know it's the Susan Arnold of Oldsmar.

Sue, holding Kelly's hand. 


Sunday, October 2, 2011

Our Relator!

It has been my greatest joy discovering my children's strengths.  As I continue to learn and grow I am convinced that my Seth is going to have a strong "Relator" theme.  

Relator's love to relate to others.  They enjoy spending quality time with those they already know, and find satisfaction going deeper, getting closer. 

Many times a relator might have a smaller circle of close friendships but those friendships are deep and lasting.  

From the time Seth was a baby he was our child that constantly wanted to spend time with us.  

Example:  If we are watching a show in the evening, you can count on it that Seth is sitting right in between Scott and I.  If I go to run errands he is the child that always wants to go and he beams when I say yes. 

I remember a few years ago I woke him at 4am to help me make Thanksgiving pies.  I knew he would love that special alone time with mom and I was right.  He jumped right out of bed.  I didn't feel guilty that the other boys slept in because they have other wonderful themes, but would not have been thrilled if I had asked them to participate.

One of my goals is to look at my families love languages and strengths and to be purposeful about speaking their language while engaging their strengths.  It ties our hearts together and allows us to grow stronger.   

Today was Seth's turn!

Sawgrass Lake Park

Thank you, Jesus! 

Mary Kay Day!

I am so very thankful to my dear friend Melinda who faithfully puts together my Mary Kay orders.  No matter how many other products I try I always go back to my Mary Kay line. 


Saturday, October 1, 2011

Getting Organized!

Heart Be Still! 

As we complete our first quarter at Classical Conversations I have found a desire to simplify my organization.  As a tutor I carry not only my weekly supplies, but all of my students notebooks as well.

I started poking around, and my heart fluttered in delight as my gaze fell upon this nifty little cart!  

I love Amazon Prime!

Overnight shipping makes me a happy girl! 

One thing you can't see is the inside file pouch that stores all my laminated maps and weekly paperwork. 

I also love that it has a long handle so that you don't have to hunch over to roll.  I had this problem with another roller cart I purchased a few years ago.  This one seems to be very sturdy.