Monday, December 30, 2013

Arnold - Year In Review!

1-  Retirement!  Scott put in his retirement papers for the Sheriff’s office.  He is now officially in the drop program which means that on paper he is officially retired but able to work five more years to help earn money that will be applied to his state funded retirement.

2-  Surgery!  Scott had bicep surgery for a tear that occurred while in training.  He is doing well. 


(Actually, I'm still going)

3- Weight Loss!  With the supernatural power of the holy spirit Mary lost 30#’s.  The Lord used a program to tame her flesh while HE fuel her heart with HIS perfect love.

4- Forever Friends!  It was such a HUGE blessing to connect with the McKinnon's in Seattle this past September.  Oh how we love them!  

5- Alaska!  Scott and Mary celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary by taking a 7-day Alaskan cruise.

6-  Speaking Events!  Mary and her friend Lynn had fun speaking at homeschooling conferences in Orlando, Naples, Tampa, and two in St.Petersburg

7- Graduation!  Colton completed his journey with Classical Conversations and will be graduating in May!

 8- Challenge A!  Seth moved into the Challenge program at Classical Conversations.  He is learning so much.  The skill sets they are working on are:

a) Research
b) Comparing and contrasting information
c) Learning how to argue out thoughts respectfully and for the purpose of growing in understanding

9- Foundations & Essentials!  Jacob continues to thrive in both the morning and afternoon programs at Classical Conversations!

10- Football!  Seth and Jacob both enjoyed playing flag football this fall.

11- Girlfriend!  Brandon has met a wonderful, sweet young woman named Julia.  We love her.

12- Emma!  We added a new family member.  She is the princess and longs to sit around and be pampered. 

13-  Ronnie!  On a sad note, we had unspeakable sadness this year as we lost my soon-to-be brother-in-law.  Please pray for my sister Brandy and nephew Joshua.  We love them so much. 

My verse for 2013

"Not by might, nor by power, but by MY SPIRIT says the Lord"  Zechariah 4:6


Friday, December 20, 2013

Matt Bianco - Christ Worthy Event!

For months our servant team has been preparing behind the scenes to host an event designed to inspire, encourage, and equip our Florida Classical Conversations leadership team to better understand the vision of a true classical christian education.  

Our beloved regional and national directors.

A gathering of "some" of our beautiful area managers

These ladies work hours upon hours behind the scenes without any recognition.  I know that HE sees all they do and that many lives are impacted because of their diligence and dedication.

Matt Bianco is first and foremost a homeschooling husband and father.  His passion is learning and inspiring others to do the same.  We spent an entire day discovering how to build curiosity.....or maybe a better explanation was that we learned how important it is to not squash inquisitiveness.  

One of the things I love most about serving with Classical Conversations is that I am constantly encouraged in my role of mother.  I know that I only get one shot at raising my children and I deeply desire to make the most of every moment.  


Every event Classical Conversations offers is first about filling the parent up with HIS living water of TRUTH so that we can then go and pour it out to our children.

"Is my child a soul to be nurtured or a product to be measured?" -- Andrew Kern 

​Matt, brought his oldest son to answer questions about Classical Conversations, Mandala Fellowship.  He was an excellent orator and modeled what excellence looks like as students move from high school into life. 

The directors loved this Q&A portion so much Matt had to actually bring it to a close so he could complete his portion of the training.  

(Thank you for taking notes, Michele Reardon)

*What is my goal in educating my children? Am I trying to raise a child who can enjoy God and glorify Him forever...or a child who graduates college at age 19? Am I raising a child for Harvard, or a child for Heaven? Is he a soul to be nurtured or a product to be measured? (Andrew Kern)

*Don't despise the offering (idea) that your child brings forth. If you continue to do so, he will eventually stop trying. 

*I do this not because my kids will be smarter than other school kids. I do this to help my children become all that God has called them to be.

*Education is a discipleship process...not a competition for who gets first place.

*It is what you feed that become strong. You love math because you feed yourself math. You hate literature because you don't feed literature. Feed it all, even when it is hard.

*When it comes to our child's education, don't have just a checklist mentality. Because you read a book once, or studied the subject one time does not mean you have a full level of understanding. (ex. you don't tell God....yep...I read the Gospel of John one time- don't need to read it again. No, you read it over and over and glean from it more and more). 

*This is why our annual parent practicums are so important (and exciting). Although you've been once before, or even if you have a good grasp of the hear more thoughts and ideas from different perspectives and other people's experiences. We need to do, see, and hear things multiple times. We never stop learning. (and may I add...those that have been around for a few years have a lot they can add to the discussion to share with newer families...)

*Foundations tutors are prepared to tutor Challenge. You are already familiar with the memory work. Now, you get to ask the students questions and lead them in discussions.

We were so thankful for the hands that prepared our meals, made our name tags, and selflessly served our servant team.  

Thank YOU!  Thank YOU!  Thank YOU!

Most of my beloved director team w/ Matt !  I am so thankful for each of these precious women.  I'm honored to walk with them in this season of life.  

Speaking on seasons of life......

From hot flashes to freezing!