Friday, September 23, 2011

Classical Conversations Week In Review #4

Jacob playing Family Feud! (Review Game)

Jacob's class doing art

Ivory Soap and sandpaper.  Showing how skin flakes.

Jacob and his buddy Sebestian

Seth and his pal Terry

Jacob and Eli

Mrs. Arnold's class doing art

Lunch Time = Family

Love this sweet family

Mrs. Avato

Mrs. Childs
 Mrs. Hawkins

Amie and her sweet girls doing their family presentation on nature walks.

Mrs. Tomlinson teaching our weekly timeline hand motions

Mrs. Ulrich's Class


Sunday, September 18, 2011

Much Ado About YOU- The Follow-Up!

I told many of my friends and fellow bloggers that I would post a follow-up after using my Much Ado About You planner.  Let me just say that it is hands down my very favorite planner, EVER!

It feels very personal but it's power is in it's simplicity.  I remember buying a big planner at convention a few years ago.  It was from Dave ???  It had a day for daily to-do's, a list for my monthly and then another tab for my weekly.  It just felt too busy and didn't flow right for me.

My Much Ado About You planner is very simple, consistent and cohesive.  

It starts with the month at a glance (above) and then you turn the page to see the whole month (below) broken down into weeks.

I use my weekly grids to block out my appointments for the week and also to jot down my to-do's.  The blocks at the bottom are where I write out my one sentence memories.  

Twenty years from now, (If the Lord doesn't come before then) I will have fun looking back at my days.

The only thing I wish I had ordered was their Pen Loop!  It's a simple piece of elastic that you slide your pen or pencil in to keep it with your planner.  It was only $2.  Next year I will definitely add that to my order.

Here is where you can check out all her products:   

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Classical Conversations Week In Review #3

My incredible class.  I love these kids.  
God is SO good.  I cannot believe that I ever had a moments hesitation about doing and using Classical Conversations.  I was deeply afraid it would box me in, take away my excitement and love of pursuing rabbit trails, be too mundane, HA!  I was WRONG!

Classical Conversations has been one of the greatest experiences of our homeschool.  It's up there with Five In A Row and Heart Of Dakota.
It has reignited my first love of learning and teaching.  It is helping us with not only our educational goals, but our personal ones as well.  

The community gives me the boundaries I need to stay consistent but the freedom within those boundaries to follow rabbit trails when and "if" I feel like it.

Week 3 Pictures
Praise & Worship

Family Presentation
 Amy is quickly becoming a dear friend.  She reminds me very much of my husband, personality wise.  I love watching her shine as a mom using her strong gifts of Responsbility, Deliberative, Consistency.  

They sang songs and Nathan (her little one) did front rolls across the stage.  It was so cute!

Tara, our fearless leader helping us get started!

Mrs. Tomlinson teaching our new Timeline cards!


Mrs. Mullins is our classroom mom for the year. (We honestly had nothing to do with that!)  Having her in our room made our day so much more fun!

Science - Fingerprints

Fellowship- Lunch
Last week, I shared with Christa that after teaching for 2 1/2 hours I did not want to sit inside and asked if she wanted to bring her lawn chair.  It is the best thing we ever did!  The kids were outside playing ball, riding their ripsticks, getting their energy out, and the moms were able to really connect.  Thank you, Lord!

Afternoon program for children who are reading.  This is our Language Arts & I.E.W. (Creative Writing) + we do math drill through games and competition. 

For I know the plans I have for you and your children Mary.  Plans to prosper them (and you) and not to harm.  Plans to give you all a HOPE and a FUTURE!


Monday, September 12, 2011

The English Explorer by Seth Arnold

The English Explorer

His Helmet Shines intensely in the glaring bright light. 

His eyes take in lots of amazing green plants.

His muscular hands are rowing while looking at land .

He is joyful for touching his feet on nice sandy seashores.

He prepares to explore the spacious lands.

He is thankful that he has arrived.

He is.... an English explorer

Seth Arnold
5th Grade