Saturday, September 10, 2011

Classical Conversations Week In Review #2!

Me and my boys!  Jacob (mini-me) was busy working the room Wooing everyone.  

We had a great second week of school.  The boys and I are loving how God has directed our steps this year.  I find my heart pulled to the throne in thanksgiving for His faithful guidance.  
I love how we start our day with Praise & Worship!  Terri Ulrich has such a heart for Jesus and HE shines through her as she leads us.


 I adore this brother/sister duo!  Jesse made me a treasure box for our prizes.  

 The big hit for our Presentations was Sophie and her pet albino hedgehog Cecil!


 This week our science experiment was learning about how the lens of our eye works.  We took wire and made little loops to dip in water and then read newspaper through our man-made lens.  Each week the children fill out a "Scientific Method" paper to share their hypothosis and conclusions. 

I have to say that I fought doing the Essentials portion of our Classical Conversations more than anything else.  I liked what we were using and I didn't want another learning curve.  
Am I glad the Lord nudged me through circumstances to go for it.  My boys love their tutor and I love sitting with them and being their mom.  It is an AMAZING program and covers 3 components:

Language Arts
Creative Writing

Seth and Josie playing WAR! 

Split the deck in half each student lays down a card and whoever finds the sum the fastest gets to keep the cards.  The one with the most cards win. 

 Colton and Sophie

Avery and Seth were cracking Erika and I up.  They were so enthusiastic!  It was precious.

 Colton and Sage

 Sophie and Joseph

 Mrs. Pierce helping the girls get going.

Christa stole my glasses and then bragged because SHE doesn't need them even though she's OLDER than me. 



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  1. It looks like you are having a wonderful time with cc, Mary.