Sunday, September 18, 2011

Much Ado About YOU- The Follow-Up!

I told many of my friends and fellow bloggers that I would post a follow-up after using my Much Ado About You planner.  Let me just say that it is hands down my very favorite planner, EVER!

It feels very personal but it's power is in it's simplicity.  I remember buying a big planner at convention a few years ago.  It was from Dave ???  It had a day for daily to-do's, a list for my monthly and then another tab for my weekly.  It just felt too busy and didn't flow right for me.

My Much Ado About You planner is very simple, consistent and cohesive.  

It starts with the month at a glance (above) and then you turn the page to see the whole month (below) broken down into weeks.

I use my weekly grids to block out my appointments for the week and also to jot down my to-do's.  The blocks at the bottom are where I write out my one sentence memories.  

Twenty years from now, (If the Lord doesn't come before then) I will have fun looking back at my days.

The only thing I wish I had ordered was their Pen Loop!  It's a simple piece of elastic that you slide your pen or pencil in to keep it with your planner.  It was only $2.  Next year I will definitely add that to my order.

Here is where you can check out all her products:   

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