Monday, September 5, 2011

Homeschool Week In Review- Week ONE

Jacob working hard on his math!

Week One

This week is all about tweaking!  It was hard to get a good feel on what it's going to be like because Scott was on vacation and my precious Lani flew into town for vacation.  Wonderful but not typical.

The first several weeks of every school year I go in knowing there will be lots of tweaking and changing:

1-  Teaching a skill set and not checking boxes.  

In the beginning I found myself trying to complete assignments more than master a skill set.  We were much happier when we slowed down and worked on one skill at a time for mastery.  The boys began to laugh and have fun and I believe with all my heart they learned more than when we were pushing to do more problems.  As they master and understand the skill they will move faster and complete more problems.

2-  Scheduling my time a little better.  

This week we worked on the beginning part of our I.E.W. writing assignment on Wednesday but waited until Monday to put it all together.  We all were feeling the stress since they will be reading them in their Essentials class tomorrow.

What I LOVE: 

1-  I absolutely adore our student planner my friend Christa personalized for our CC journey. 

2-  I deeply appreciate that CC doesn't pile on the homework but allows us to work on skill sets instead.

3-  I love the community.

4-  I love that I am still the teacher of my kids.


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  1. Looks like a wonderful start to your new school year, and I couldn't agree more with statement #4! ;-)