Sunday, September 4, 2011

Classical Conversations Week One!

We had our first week of Classical Conversations (Homeschool program) this past week and it was wonderful!  I honestly came to this new opportunity dragging my feet.  My heart was filled with many fears.  

1-  I wasn't sure I wanted a new learning curve.  

2-  I knew I would love the community but I was afraid I would die of boredom with all the memorization.

3-  I had fears that my freedom and spontaneity would be taken away.

Do you know what I found instead? 

It's given me back my first love of homeschooling.
I will continue to share my journey.  There is no way I can tell you after one week what my final thoughts are.  But so far, so good!  I find myself anticipating Tuesday.  The boys love the competition and I love the accountability.  

Praise & Worship

Family Presentations 

Mrs. Arnold's Foundation Class 

Weekly Science Experiments!

I am so thankful for Carolyn Thames who is my science mom.  She does a GREAT job and makes my life so much sweeter! 

Lunch Time or ask I like to say, Socialization For Moms!

My beautiful Christa and a new favorite peep, Amy!

 Take a close look at my face.  I had just completed my first week of teaching and had been up since 4am.  Just sayin'! (grin)

 New friend Bethany Z who is good friends with my friend Heather R!

 Love my "Inputting" Erika!  She makes my heart happy.

 Christa goofing off during Essentials. (Don't worry I'll help her be more serious in the future)

 Essentials has LOTS of competitive games.  Funny how quickly children learn when there's a ticket waiting for them.


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