Friday, August 26, 2011

Much Ado About YOU!

My Fabulous New Planner!

It is one of the best gifts I've ever received.  Here are 8 Reasons I chose Much Ado About YOU:

1-  First you get to pick the colors and design from her selection and then she personalizes it with your name.

2-  It has snazzy little tabs with B-L-I-N-G!  I know totally fluff but it makes me happy;)

3-  Each month is visible at a glance and she makes all holiday dates in red.  I like her font and even her monthly quote.   
Septembers: Be yourself everyone else is already taken.

4-  When you turn past the month at a glance she has it set up in weekly grids.  Each day has one hour time slots from 7a-11p and the blank boxes at the bottom are perfect for my dinners and to-do's.

5-  For just $2 you get a snazzy jumbo paper clip accessorized to go with your chosen design.

6-  She has all kinds of space for note taking and each page has it's own clip art!

7-  At the very back there is a place to jot down idea's for the next year.  As a homeschool mom I know I am going to find that very helpful.

8-  One of my very favorite perks is the double sided pocket page.



  1. I didn't see a link to this awesome planner. Did I miss it? It might be helpful to post it somewhere at the top of the post. The planner looks amazing!!

  2. Thank you my friend! Off to add the link and here it is too: