Saturday, August 13, 2011

Trying Something New!

Something New!
 I honestly don't know why I struggle so much with taking care of myself physically.  I have spurts of amazing and long periods of undoing all that was done.  It's a pattern I've developed in my adult life.  I have noticed that there are certain common denominators that bring on both situations.

1-  Being too busy leads to poor eating and no exercise.

2-  Keeping my plate of responsibility nicely balanced helps me to stay focused on good habits.

There are some new things that I am trying and I thought I would share about them today.  It's still too early to know if I plan to make this a part of my regular lifestyle but I have noticed that when I am using them they DO make a difference!

Progesterone Cream

When I hit 39 I fell apart physically.  I went from having perfect blood pressure to very high blood pressure.  It felt like it happened overnight.  

In March my blood pressure had been 115/72 and in June my husband had to take me to the emergency room where I was admitted for stroke and seizure level blood pressure.  Literally, three months difference.  

I am talking with a holistic doctor and she explained to me that this happens to many women who begin to experience hormone shifts.  It throws the entire body chemistry off.  This can be brought on by poor nutrition.

I am so blessed to have such Godly women who have walked this road ahead of me.  My friend Kim shared with me the extreme difference progesterone cream has made in her life.  It's all natural and you apply it twice a day, 12 days a month.  She told me that it takes about three months to kick in and she was right.  

This is my third month and I feel almost normal again. 

For more information:  Organic Blessings

Vi-Salus shakes and supplements

I began using this product one week ago after reading about it for three months.  I kept procrastinating.  I truthfully have not been following the diet portion but just started by adding the shake and Neuro's into my daily schedule. 

I have had a mixed reaction to the product.  It tastes amazing!  I'm not selling this product so you can know that I'm not exaggerating.  I've not had this much energy in years.  I feel more mentally alert.  I am able to get up early again and go to bed at a normal bedtime.  At first, I felt like my fibromyalgia flared up but my doctor assured me that my body was just detoxing.  My joint pain is so much better I could just cry. 

The only drawback I've experienced so far has been a slight food allergy.  There is a doctor of natural health who is working with me.  She said that my gut is a mess. (Remember the anaphylactic shock incident at the homeschool convention?)  She has me using some new enzymes to help get things back in order and thinks my food allergies will get better or even disappear once I do that.  

Once I get the food allergy issue resolved I plan to start their 90 day challenge.  I'll let you know how it goes.


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