Friday, August 26, 2011


Well, I finally got my Eggies!  We ordered them off t.v. after thinking about it for quite awhile.  We are trying to do less carbs and more protein and this seemed like a great idea to help us do just that.  I can tell you that there are definitely pro's and con's. 

First, let me share the pictures of how it works and then I'll close with my thoughts:

Personally, I love how perfect the eggs come out.  I could not seem to consistently make a good hard boiled egg. (I'm sure it's just me)  But sometimes I would try to peel and big clumps would of egg white would stick to the shell leaving a lot less egg to actually eat.

I also like that I can make soft boiled eggies which is like a poached egg and eat it right out of the container.  (with a spoon)

What I don't like is that it takes a lot of prep to get them ready.  You have to oil the inside and assemble.  Also learning how to crack the egg into your eggie takes a bit of practice.  If you pour too quickly the yolk gets stuck on top of the opening and it makes the whole thing turn over.

I believe that it won't seem like a big deal once you get used to using them but right now we are in the learning curve.  If I remember I will post an update down the road and let you know if it was keeper or just a fun experiment! 



  1. I just saw these for the first time on TV a couple of days ago. Cool idea! I hope the learning curve levels out for you. :o)

  2. I've been interested in these because I love soft boiled eggs, but never make them right. I love a runny yolk, but don't like poaching because I always get a vinegar taste (b/c you have to add it, lol) w/ the egg. Ick.

    Anyway, to make oiling the eggies easier, use a spray. If you don't like the commercial brands, a Misto is great. They're $7-10 at Target or the like. Very worth it, imho. Another thought is to dip a paper towel into some oil and wipe the insides. You wouldn't have to dip as often as you would your finger, I would think.

    I was thinking that maybe separating the yolks from the whites might make it go faster if you're making a large batch? Since I know you bake, I'm sure you know how to separate eggs. If not, it's really easy to learn and goes quickly. In one bowl place the yolk and another the whites. Then when you assemble you can place a yolk (or as you separate the eggs, immediately place the yolk in the eggie and build your bowl of whites)in the eggie and then ladle the whites. Maybe this assembly like style might make it go faster and keep the eggie from toppling over? Just a thought.

    If you decide that these are too time consuming, I have a microwavable egg thingy (that's it's technical name, haha) that works surprisingly well. I've never tried making soft boiled eggs with it because it never occurred to me until now, lol. I'll send you a link to it if I can find it.

  3. Thank You So much for all the info Alli! That is really helpful. I am going to keep working with my Eggies to see if I can make it a doable part of our routine.