Sunday, October 16, 2011


My 28 year old sister-in-law, Kelly, came home from work with the flu four weeks ago.  She is now fighting for her life at Tampa General.  Her current condition is listed as being in a vegetative state.  

A precious friend who walked through terminal cancer with her son gave us great advice.  

"I have found that fighting until the last breath brings a lasting peace, regardless of the result."  

So, today our family stands and fights for Kelly to be loosed in her infirmities. (Thank you Leslie for that great advice)

 Wednesday night Scott, Brandon, Colton and I, along with a wonderful couple from my friend Leslie's church, came up, gowned up,  and prayed over Kelly with scripture, praise, and worship.  

It was a very special experience and we could feel the Lord's presence.

This is my beautiful mother-in-law Sue who is fighting for her child's life.  Please continue to pray for her, as well as Kelly.  
Some have asked how they can help.  Our #1 request is of course prayer.  We believe the Lord hears every single one!
Secondly, for those who feel led. The family has set up an account for donations to help pay for expenses related to her sudden illness. They had to move everything out of her apartment but are left with her car and other bills.  I am going to include that information here for those who might be led to serve in this way:
You can simply go to any Well Fargo bank and put money into an account under Susan Arnold's name.  Please let them know it's the Susan Arnold of Oldsmar.

Sue, holding Kelly's hand. 


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