Thursday, October 20, 2011

Time4Learning We're Back!

As most of you know our big school change this year was switching to Classical Conversations.  It has been a perfect fit for our family!  However, what you may not know is that I took a break from Time4Learning after three years.  I was in a season of change and wanted to try some new things.  
Every six weeks we take one week off from school and during that time I allow myself time to tweak and change things that aren't working, while fine tuning those things that are!  Everything has been going so well that there was only one big change..... Time4Learning!  
Oh how I've missed thee!  I wish I had taken a video when I told my children we were going to use TIme4Learning for their math again.  You would have thought I had just told them we were going to Disney!  (grin)

This is our first week back and it feels so good.  I have missed the familiar sights and sounds of the interactive program.  My children thrive and come alive as they work through their lessons.  They find it so much more interesting then simply doing traditional math, paper/pencil math.  (We do plan to occasionally print the sheets off the website that go with the lessons)

The biggest bonus has been how perfectly Time4Learning fits with Classical Conversations!  
Every week in Essentials we work on Grammar/Math Drill and Creative Writing!  This has made a HUGE difference in their Time4Learning lessons.  They are more equipped this year than ever before. 

Jacob, is simply using Time4learning for his math and reading.

Seth, is using math, language arts and then we are pulling some of the social studies in to go with the history were are studying in Classical Conversations.

Colton, is using Math, Language Arts, Social Studies and Time4Learning's amazing art program


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