Saturday, November 19, 2011

Smash It, Baby!

My sweet friend Christa has started a new obsession in my life!  
It's called Smashing and it's all about keeping a Smash book!  It's so funny because she has done this for years on her own.  She didn't call it smashing, but an art journal.  You can call it whatever you want!

It's simply a book used to keep everything that makes you smile.  Here is a better description and a blog dedicated to Smash Books!  

Here is my "raw" Smash Book! (above)

I couldn't wait to get started and so I immediately added my first decoration!  Does that flower look familiar?  It came off a gift bag that became the theme for this very blog!

My first entry was highlighting a day at the Chihuly Museum!  I am going to add pictures once I pick them up.

Here are some pages from my store-bought Smash Book waiting to be filled with memories, glue and glitz!

I will close with the video my friend Christa posted that started this new craze!  

Have fun watching:

If you are receiving this via e-mail you may have to go to my actual blog to view the video? 


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