Monday, May 27, 2013

Convention 2013

Gaylord Palms - View from our balcony

My precious friend, Lani flew all the way from Wilmington, NC to spend convention with me.  My favorite evening was when we arrived on Wednesday and had time to just pitter around with no pressure and without tons of people.  I love you, Lani.

This is my very favorite secret at the Gaylord.  It's a little shack tucked into the Everglades section of the hotel.  In the back are adirondack chairs where you can sit hidden and read.  There are waterfalls, foliage, and quiet. 

Here is the backporch of the shack where you can read.

Lani, in the Everglades

The ponds are filled with HUGE fish.  This picture does NOT do it justice.

Another picture from our balcony

Welcome to St.Augustine.  Can you see all those alligators sunning themselves?  
(By the way, this is all indoors)

Though the Everglades is my favorite area of the hotel I also love Key West.  It has an indoor beach area saltwater area with a huge boat that you can eat on and real fish and sting rays swimming around you. 

Having dinner in Key West!

Dinner again.  Sheesh;)

Seriously, you would think we stayed there for four nights..... Oh wait, we did;)

Me and my Christa!  Oh how I love her.


Lani and I with our badges.

Getting ready to officially open the vendor hall.

Heidi St. John did a GREAT workshop!

My personal favorite was Todd Wilson.  He was hysterical and powerful.

Meandering through Emerald Bay.  Such a sweet place for coffee and conversations.

Emerald Bay at night.  Apparently, everyone wanted ice cream at 10 o'clock at night.  

I stuck to my goal of my weight loss program.  Not an easy feat, but it feels SO GOOD!

Our Turn To Speak

Lynn and I arrived early to work with the technical people.  They were so helpful and very professional.

Vendor workshops can be tricky.  You never know how many people will come because you're up against national speakers.  It's hard to choose. (I personally hate having to pick)  We were blown away by the turnout and participation.  You could feel the presence of the Lord in that room.  We were standing on holy ground and this was HIS moment.  He was working in my heart and in those hungering for more.

Thank you to friends who took pictures for us. 

Lynn is such a delight.  I love listening to her pour out her wealth of information and I am inspired by her love for Classical Christian Education. 

 I'm so thankful I get to "dance" with her as we share our love for Classical Conversations with others.

Diana, is such a blessing  Seeing her face and knowing she's praying breathes peace into your heart when you're standing before complete strangers.

My soul sista' Lynn Cook and working the CC booth.  We LOVED this family and were so glad they won one of our give-away's.

Winner #2!!

Literally, two hours after we spoke.  Total peace!  Time with the Lord.

Goodbye Gaylord......see you next year!

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