Sunday, June 26, 2016

Going from victim to VICTORIOUS!

We are not victims to situations where we feel unfairly treated. I have a dear friend whose daughter was unfairly treated in a college situation just this week. People gave their word, signed paperwork, and even confirmed, and then backed out at the last minute. It has left them in a very frustrating position. I've prayed and pondered this situation for my precious friend and her beloved daughter all week. THEN this morning I came across tJohn 19:10-11

PILATE TALKING TO JESUS: "Are you not aware that I have the authority either to free you or to crucify you?"

JESUS RESPONDING: "Any authority you have over me comes from above."

Sometimes the Lord allows unfair things to happen, but it is always for His glory. He sees our tomorrows but we only see today. His focus is not on our earthly gains, but the gains that cannot be measured with human eyes. Thank you Lord for your faithfulness. Your Word endures forever!


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