Wednesday, May 31, 2017

FPEA 2017-Sarah Mackenzie

Sarah Mackenzie was AMAZING!  She is a fascinating story teller and inspired a crowd of thousands.  Here is what spoke to my heart🌺

1-When setting your homeschool goals ask yourself this question:  "If someone were to ask your child about their homeschooling 20 years from now what would you want them to say?"

PERSONAL APPLICATION:  One of my personal goals is that I want to have memories of us digging into scripture, character building, and book discussions.  I want to remember watching my boys find their moments of aha.  So on a crazy day I have to guard against letting task oriented emergencies steal from relationship building times together. (I fail at this all the time). 

2-No veteran has ever said that by the time they finished homeschooling they had nailed it.  It's about finding perfection in IMPERFECTION.  

3-It's not our job to create the miracle.  We do our part...cultivate the soil, water, feed, nurture and let GOD create the miracle. (Fruit)

4-You are going to fail every single day and HE is going to delight in rescuing you.  

5-You have absolutely everything you need to homeschool your children.  You've got this because HE's got you.

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