Friday, September 13, 2019

FCC Esther Study—For Such A Time As This👑

We are so excited to launch our FCC Salt & Light Style Esther Study.  Fifty four amazing women are gathering together every Sunday to seek the Lord through His Word and specifically through the book of Esther.  We were so excited to kick off our evening with food, fun, fellowship, and photo’s.

Week One Memory Verse

Sherry, Merri, Gail, Denise, Judy, Barbara, and Sue👑

Melanie, Angela, Margaret, Susan, Tammie, Jolie, Gwen, Erika, and Angela👑

Holliday, Michelle, Angel, Cathy, Cathy, and Aja👑

Tammy, Kathy, Marsha, Lynn, Kaila, Carol, Marissa, and Valerie👑

Beth, Amanda, Marjorie, Kim, Linda, Nancy, Kim, Lani, Marissa, and Mary👑

Chelsea, Jenny, Patty, Kelly, Cindy, Camille, Leslie👑

We spent the evening digging into the first three verses of was powerful👑

This week we began the journey of getting to know King Ahasuerus, Queen Vashti, Esther, and Mordecai👑

I love these two ladies leading our worship...Build My Life, God, I look to you, and Great Are You, Lord 🎶 


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