Saturday, July 9, 2011

Getting Excited About Creative Writing!

The Lord is so good!  If you had told me that I would be just as excited and passionate about my homeschool 14 years after I started I wouldn't have believed it!  But guess what?  It's TRUE!  

This year we are joining a new community called, "Classical Conversations" and I am thrilled to see what God is going to teach me through this experience. 

 Just a few of our precious moms

Today a group from our CC gathered together to learn more about the creative writing program we will be using this year, as part of our Essentials class.  

It's a popular one that people either tend to love or hate.  To be honest, I wasn't sure what I would think.  I remember looking at it a few years ago and even watching the dvd's.  What I realized this morning was that I didn't like it the first time because my heart was not fully invested and I didn't really understand how to use it. 

One of our amazing moms had a great idea to have a group of us gather and to go through the DVD's together!  

What a difference!

Sitting with this incredible group of women, discussing what we learned, asking questions and processing really helped me to grasp the "how and why" in a way that thrilled my soul.

Institute For Excellence In Writing believes in giving children (and their moms) the tools they need to become proficient writers.  It breaks down the steps so they become doable and easy to understand.  

My Colton is going to LOVE that the entire program is built around a check list.  He is my child who asked for a to-do list at 4 years of age.  

The creator of the program told us that checking boxes for some people gives off the same endorphines as morphine. (smile)  That would be true for this son of mine.  Though, truth be told I love my lists too.  I just like the freedom to move things around as needed.

I really believe that one of things that has prepared us for this new adventure was our previous program, Time4Writing which we plan to use during our summer breaks.  

It was so very beneficial to have my children work online with a certified teacher.  They allowed me to still be mom but I was able to let someone else judge and grade what my boys have worked on.

What creative writing programs are you going to be using this year?


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