Saturday, February 18, 2012

Strengths Dinner Club Extravaganza!

The Lord is so good!  He is SO good.  He birthed the idea of hosting a large dinner club once a month where we spend five months pouring through our strengths. (one-at-a-time)  It was a wonderful night filled with tons of laughter, tears, and amazing fellowship. 

 Let me just say that this table was trouble.  We had two that had Responsibility/Achiever and then Achiever/Responsibility! (smile)

Beautiful ladies with tender hearts for their children and the Lord!

I cannot believe that I forgot to get a picture of our biggest table.  Especially since my beloved mama and aunt were sitting there.  Next month for sure!  

The testimonies were moving and full of God's glory!  Not about us; all about HIM!


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