Monday, January 30, 2012

Classical Conversations Training ~ Challenge A!

Classical Education, It's NEVER boring!

Classical Conversations has been a life-changing experience for our home/homeschool!  After 13 years of homeschooling on our own (and loving it) we made the switch to this amazing program and it's been an AMAZING experience!

Today, I had the honor of driving all the way over to the Orlando area to be trained by the incredible Lynn Cook.  This woman is an amazing tutor.  Her love of Jesus shines through in how she so beautifully connects with her students and those around her.  My dear friends Lynn and Tara went with me for moral support and fellowship.  It turned out to be such an incredible day!   
 Mrs. Cook had her students bring in a 3D model of a tooth since that's what they were studying as part of the human body. 

 A 3D cake! (Give that girl an A+)

 A model of what smoking can do to teeth.

 An edible mouth.

 A diagram.

 Jeopardy for review!

Thank you, Mrs. Cook for a FABULOUS day!


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