Sunday, September 2, 2018

Giving Birth To SINCERE LOVE—Walk Your Talk Peter Study Week TWO❤️


“So now you MUST SHOW SINCERE LOVE to one another as brothers and sisters—Love each other deeply with all your heart.”  1 Peter 1:22

OBSERVATION:  Sincere love is born through time spent with Jesus, Holy Bootcamps, and Obedience. 

Each morning as I sit at the feet of Jesus HE begins to do something supernatural in my heart and mind.  He knits together holiness through HIS Word, just like He knits together a baby and it’s entire being during pregnancy.  

As Christ speaks to me (through HIS Word) I gain direction, but I can’t stop there, I must walk through the labor process and all that entails in Holy Bootcamps to gain understanding. This understanding then leads to Eternal Transformation.

The whole purpose of Holy Bootcamps (aka: labor) are to get the mind ready to give birth to the FRUIT of transformation.

Bootcamps are where I get to imperfectly practice these transformed ideas and thoughts that come from being in HIS Word.  

My hope is in Christ and HIS power to give birth to fully formed fruit that displays HIS GLORY!  

When I try to walk through Bootcamps in my own strength I fail and fall.  I am hopelessly lost apart from Him and His Word.  

PERSONALIZATION:  Right now I am in labor.  I know that God is at work and He is knitting together the beautiful fruit of sincere love through caring for my grandmother in a very difficult season.  My grandmother is one of the most precious gifts to my heart.  She spent her whole life pouring into me, loving me, and being my biggest cheerleader.  

Dementia has come in fast and hard and it has taken the fullness of who she has always been away.  It must be so scary when she wakes and forgets where she’s at, or who we are, or why she’s in an ALF.  In her confused state she can lash out.  When she can’t remember she can accuse.  In some ways I feel like labor has been swift because she’s going down so quickly, but on the other side I feel like I’ve been in labor forever. 

I’m asking the Lord to show me HOW TO WALK OUT SINCERE LOVE, AUTHENTICALLY...Not because of law...but because of LOVE!  God loves me and my grandmother.  He has not forsaken or forgotten us in this hard season.  He is walking with her even in her confusion.  He is walking with me even when I forget to remember and become exasperated or discouraged. 

The goal on the other side of this labor is total FREEDOM.  What a gift to love others not based on what they do but who HE is!

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