Saturday, January 5, 2013

Finding My Favorite Case!

This post was especially for my sweet friend Alli who is clothes shopping for her Mini! (grin) 

I have really enjoyed my "Mini".  I call her by name and the boys think I consider her my child, LOL.  When she arrived I used a pink Otterbox case that AT&T gave me a great deal on. 

You can hold it in your hand! 

The rubberized grip makes it comfortable to carry.


You can use the lid as a stand in both the Landscape 


Portrait settings.

As much as I loved it, I began wondering about the keyboard case.  I loved the one that we use with the Ipad 2 and I knew that I would be typing notes when in meetings.  So I got a great deal using my Amazon Prime and bought:

We went from pretty in pink to a black faux leather:

It had a smaller keyboard that fit perfectly.

After just three days I went back to my Pretty in Pink!

Here's what I didn't like about the black case:

1- Keyboard was a little weird and I found it tricky.

2- The leather edging covered up the "send" key when texting and you would have to physically pull the leather lip back and stuff your finger inside to press.

3- I realized that what I love about the mini, is that it's a mini.  I just want to grab and hold in one hand!


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