Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Homeschool CC Day....Oh how I Love Thee!

Please note:  I am simply going to copy what I post on our CC Forum here each week for time saving purposes.  It shows all the pictures and reminds me of what took place in class.
Challenge A FUN!  

Latin- Adjectives!  Adjectives!  Everywhere 3rd Declension Adjectives!  Mrs. Mullins has taken this subject on for our last semester and is doing a phenomenal job.  She has asked students to put a star next to any exercises that they may have struggled through and plans to open with review.  Review time is excellent for dialectic discussion! 

Literature-  Whoa!  Your students did an INCREDIBLE job comparing and contrasting Heaven and Narnia.  Nothing compares to heaven, but C.S. Lewis was a master storyteller, weaving in allegory, mystery, suspense, and Christ.  This week your student will be reading Number The Stars.  This book is SO GOOD!  Moms, I hope you are reading it too.  Please remember to R.S.V.P. if you are able to join us for our field trip to The Florida Holocaust Museum on Monday 2-25.

Geography-  IMPORTANT!  Moms, your students feel that they would like to test on their map work the same way they do it at home.  The goal is that your child knows the country and capital and can trace them.  

Some would like to use the number system, others would like to do one large map and label it, yet some would prefer to do separate maps for each section of Asia.  

After discussion with some of you today I've decided to let the student quiz the way they that you have them practice at home.  They will simply bring home their papers for you to review.  Please make sure you ask them for their quiz next week.

Science-  Can I just say I LOVE biology and the human body!  The nurse inside me gets to come out and play.  I was having so much fun walking with the students through the respiratory system.  

Each week at home your student will sketch the body system and label.

In Class we will open with a fun little quiz.  The student will sketch out the body system and label.  We will trade papers with our neighbor and mark down how many they got correct out of total amount possible.  

NEW!  Extra credit and totally optional:  We want to highlight and bring the dialectic disussions to life this semester.  I have encouraged your students to think outside of the box and to find fun and simple experiments that go with our current study. (Completely optional)  They will demonstrate in front of the class what they did and what they discovered.  Thus, bringing to life what they are learning.

Rhetoric- Completely floored at how the Holy Spirit moved through our class today.  We dug deep into the scriptures at the back of our Don't Check Your Brains At The Door book.  We talked about how our hearts are deceitful above all things, but Gods word is absolute truth.  

A very interesting discussion broke out about tattoo's and what God's word says about that.  They are to talk with YOU about what the bible says and what they believe.  I encouraged them to go to scripture for direction and to you for conversation.  I can't wait to hear what God shows them through your conversations. 

Inviting You To Join Us Vicariously through Pictures

Working Together!

We're Better Together!

Kimberly, our lovely Challenge B Director!

Mrs. Mullins teaching Latin this semester! 

What?!  We are just innocent young men.


Book Report!  Narnia- The Magicians Nephew.

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