Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Challenge A FUN!

I had the privilege of subbing for our fabulous Challenge A Director, Terri Ulrich.  She and her precious family are on vacation and it was my JOY to serve her through subbing.

Thank you Mrs. Trujillo for bringing in goodies during our lively Latin time!

Thank you to Mrs. Pierce for the birthday goodies to share!


Math was WONDERFUL!!!!  We had great conversations about place value and expanded form.  The students had a blast coming up with H.U.G.E. numbers and then they would quiz one another by dictating the number to see if the other students could write it out correctly.  The students quizzed one another AND graded each others work.  Great job!   


Science was filled with classically minded conversations about Algae and Protozoa.  We listened to the students read their reports and then spent time comparing and contrasting our discoveries.  

We circled anything that was true of both groups and specified those things that were different.  I pray the students learned a lot because I sure did.

One of my favorite science moments was when sweet Katelynn noticed the 1st declension on alg-ae. 

We closed science out by gearing up for next weeks topic....FUNGI!  I asked the students to share questions they would like answered about Fungi.  We filled the board and used this as a platform to begin next weeks research.  We talked about search engines and what it means to validate our sources.  


Rhetoric was filled with deep discussions about galaxies, stars, creation.  

We reviewed the questions from Don't Check Your Brains At The Door.  Our chapter was on the myth of Cosmic Cop. 

Having fun while working on catechisms

We started off with a fun little quiz to see how much they had learned this week.  No Atlas was allowed as they sketched by hand the United States and filled in the states and capitals.  Remember that in Classical Education we focus on skill set and not checking off boxes.  If a student is still working on the states and capitals parents have the freedom to adjust their homeschool to set their children up for success.  We do no have to introduce rivers and features.  The number one goal is that they are able to sketch and label the states. 

Lunch time was all about celebration!  Thank you, Mrs. Thames and Mr. and Mrs. Hawkins for providing a wonderful lunch. 

Our birthday bunch!


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