Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Classical Conversations- Week ONE

What a beautiful picture of Godly friendship.  THIS is what community is all about!  I love these ladies. 

Gearing up for our first assembly of the new school year. 

Excitement was in the air!

Thank you, Mrs. Mullins for leading our devotions and praise.  Thank you for staring our morning off right.  Great IS His faithfulness!

The Challenge Directors selflessly give extra time each week to be a part of our community assembly time.  Thank you for leading the Pledge.

We're Better Together!

The Buxbaum family did a great job introducing us to their family.  It's hard being the first up there and they did a beautiful job getting us started.

Mrs. Martin and her family are here from Ohio.  They are a perfect example of God orchestrating our days.  Jennifer had attended tutor training to become a tutor in her home state of Ohio.  Shortly afterwards her husband was deployed to Florida for a short time.  God knew that here in Florida we would need an experienced tutor and so he sent her trained and ready to go.  WOW!  She did a stellar job!

I still remember talking with Danielle's husband last year and telling him that I felt like God was going to use their family in a mentoring role.  Here she is....God is FAITHFUL!

I loved watching the moms participating with their children.  This is truly a family affair.

Another first time tutor today.  Mrs. Higgins and her precious young ones doing timeline on the floor.  Mattie, has such a gift for gently introducing material and managing her students.  Her moms were right by her side and hands on.  What a wonderful example of  teamwork.

Mrs. Buxbaum is our all girls tutor.  She did an excellent job introducing the timeline cards using the 1,2, 3 system.  I so deeply appreciate Gabi's attention to detail.  

I loved watching our very youngest students!  They were PRECIOUS.  How blessed we are to have Mrs. Kronz pull her little ones into the new grammar.  They had a BLAST!

Mrs. Dennison had our all boys Masters class and she was the perfect person for the job.  Thank you, Mrs. Lejano for being an excellent room mom.


Today our classes did two experiments.

Measuring the power of the sun!

Ben placed the thermometer under the tree as we measured the difference in temperature from shade to sun.  

Mrs. Dennison placing the thermometer in the sun

WOW!  Huge difference.

Mrs. Kronz's class talking about how much hotter our world would be without shade.

Mrs. Kronz's mama's

See the long rope?  Those little legs had to run fast in order to keep the line tight and the earth moving.

Mrs. Martin's class walking through the scientific process.


 Oh how we love our church staff.  How very thankful we are for their gracious hospitality.

 We had a great time playing around with sentence structure, style, and purpose!

 Mrs. Williams all boys class

 Mrs. Mullins all girls class.

 We brought the classes together for math games and it was FUN!


 Sipping tea while discussing The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe.


Have a GREAT week, everyone!

For I know the plans I have for you says the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you; plans to give you a hope and a future!  Jeremiah 29:11


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