Saturday, August 24, 2013

S.T.E.M. Conference

It is always a delight to work with out local homeschooling community.  This year the FPEA (Florida Parent Educators Association) put together their first ever Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math conference.  It had wonderful companies, businesses, and vendors come out for a day filled with information, inspiration, and encouragement.  

Classical Conversations had a booth and it was such joy to get-together with our sister directors from all over the area as we reached out to those wanting to know more.  I am so sad I missed my early morning directors, as my schedule had me come in at 12:30.  I loved talking with families and reconnecting with old friends working in the homeschooling community.  My precious friend Lynn and I had a great time networking with many. 

It was a blessing connecting with this lovely mom from Vero Beach.  Her director and Support Manager has become a dear friend.  She is so excited to begin her school year. 

Though this was one of the slower conferences we still had plenty of opportunity to answer questions and share the vision.  

Our location was absolutely beautiful.  It was held at a local resort called, The Tradewinds.  I'm so thankful for the many who invested their time behind the scenes. 

I love this picture.  It shows Lynn's heart.  She went out of her way to help a mom get the most out of her Saxon program.  Together they discovered that this child could actually move to a different level.  The meeting took time and patience and the sweet mama walked away feeling a sense of relief and direction. 

Kathy and Emma have become precious in my life.  We were able to tie our hearts together after working many different Practicums this season.  Kathy has such a servant heart and her daughter Emma is a perfect work partner with her mom.  This is truly a legacy season of them working together.  

It was such a delight seeing Gina (left)  at her first official event.  As a director she representing Classical Conversations by working our booth.  Ericka on the right was one of my first new hires this year.  She is a brand new Challenge A director and has a heart and a passion for walking out dialectic discussion with her families.  This season with CC is filled with rich relationships.  I'm so thankful that God puts such incredible women in my life. 

From start to finish!  Brian and Angela Sackett came up to help pack us up and move us out.  I am in awe because this day also happened to be Angela's 40th birthday!  She was full of gracious joy and gladly jumped in and began helping us close shop.  I celebrate you, Angela Sackett!  There is a Strength's book on it's way to you.  I am grateful for all you do!


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