Sunday, November 10, 2013

Planner Pad Follow-Up Review!

This post is a follow-up.  To read my first review of the planner pad you can click HERE.  I knew that I would love this planner as soon as I began reading about it.  I became a bit obsessed with researching how it works, who uses it, who loves it, who doesn't, what color, what kind, etc.,

So here we are three months later and I just have to tell you that I LOVE this planner even more than when I first started using it.  It has helped keep me organized in the midst of a very busy life.  It's easy to use so I can be consistent. 

There is one change I am prayerfully considering when it's time to order my new planner pad.  I am thinking of moving to the loose-leaf version.  My hesitancy is that I love the size and feel of the spiral bound book, but I don't like that I have no control over adding notes, journals, or extra pages.  The loose-leaf planner pad comes with a hole-punch so that I can use it for everything.  

What types of things would I like to add?

  • Notes from business trainings and meetings
  • Notes from Essentials (Language and writing program)
  • Notes from my quiet time

If you are looking for a paper planner check out PlannerPad.  I do not work for this company in any way.  I just LOVE their product.  If you are an electronic kinda person stay tuned.  Apparently, they are releasing an electronic system in January.  I hope this helps anyone looking for a new planning system as we spiral into the new year!



  1. I know just what you mean and have been checking this out myself. I just found out about discbound binding - have you heard of that? You could also google ARC. It gives you the flexibility of a binder and the feel of a spiral bound. I am so intrigued by planner pad but want to tweek it a bit and add color! Thanks for your post!

    1. Hi Monica, I bet you could easily purchase the loose leaf pages and use them in your ARC planner. You sound so creative and FUN!

  2. FOLLOW UP: I tried using the binder and did not like it at all (for me). I love how much easier it is to carry and write in the spiral bound planner pad. I did try a new one this year and went with the green color:D