Monday, October 24, 2016

Meet my new girl...iPad Pro 9.7


Meet my new little girl!  My laptop is quickly slowing down after years of use.  I am an Apple fan and have a love/hate relationship when it's time to purchase a new devise.  Picking just one is hard,  I have to weigh my needs and my finances and always have to just choose one.  This time I really felt like the iPad Pro 9.7 was the right choice.  It takes iPads to a whole new level.  The CEO of Apple chooses to carry just his Pro and iPhone with him when he travels.


This Pro has two new features that are game changers.  

1-The new smart keyboard.  It is not a bluetooth, but an extension that attaches and fires up immediately when attached.  There is no charging or pairing involved.  It types like a real keyboard and is super thin.

2-The Apple Pencil.  This pencil is like using the real deal.  There is no lag and it writes exactly like the font you choose.  I love using it for my morning scripture memes.  




I still use my laptop for things like working with my documents for work, but almost everything else is done with my iPad.  I will do a follow-up post after several weeks to update discoveries as I go along.  I still do not know whether I made the perfect choice, BUT I do know I made a good one.  You cannot go wrong with iPad.

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