Sunday, January 14, 2018

Whole30 Week Two-He Rescues

He Delights In Rescuing Us

This week was filled with obstacles and opportunities.  

Week two on Whole30 was packed with busyness and bustle.  On Tuesday my beautiful friend picked me up and whisked me away to Orlando for two jam-packed days of speaker training.  Though the training was phenomenal and filled with inspiration and excitement, it was also riddled with new learning opportunities for me to practice obedience while away from home and out of my normal environment. 😳😉

Homemade Whole30 Compliant sausage hamburger chili

One of the first things I did was make a HUGE pot of chili to take with me and to leave behind for my family.  It was SO simple to make and delicious.  (Though I’ve eaten so much I’ll need a break before I make more)

I just added a package of compliant spicy chicken sausages

Storage Containers

I packed them in my nifty little storage containers I ordered from Amazon and also brought cut up left over steak, grapes, watermelon, and my Paleo creamer, Nutpods.  I love love love my Nutpods.  

Longhorn Steakhouse

Do you see that loaf of bread?  Oh my goodness it smelled so good, but as I turned and talked to the Lord He rescued me.  I settled in and enjoyed the conversation while waiting for our yummy dinner.  Lynn is such a sweet support.  

We split a ribeye and a plain sweet potatoe and they were both out of this world!

One of the blessings of fasting from the sweeteners and the junk is that my tastebuds are re-setting.  I can’t believe how much richer the flavor of smoke on the steak was....and I was also pleasantly surprised by the  sweetness of the sweet potato.  It did not need any butter at all.  

My friend April suggested making sure I had snacks nearby and this was a perfect combo. Those are raw cashews and were perfect to snack on throughout the day.

Big Mistake with an interesting observation

On the first day at the hotel I went down to breakfast fully intending to just eat my chili I brought.  But then I saw eggs and thought they would be a good protein source.  I took two bites and my stomach immediately began to protest.  I stopped and reached out to my online support group.  I found out that hotel eggs are formed from powder that contains preservatives and dairy.  The interesting observation is that I used to eat TONS of dairy and would have told you that I did not have any problems with it.  Removing certain foods and re-introducing them has great purpose.  

Meet Kelly my hero and God’s blessing to me

Kelly is the one with the blue and white apron.  She was the Support Representative that was overseeing all our meals.  Rather than using her budget to cater she cooked everything from scratch.  After my morning mishap with the eggs I was feeling a little discouraged, and so it totally shocked me when she asked if anyone had dietary needs and pointed out Whole30 compliant foods she made.  It literally brought tears to my eyes.  Not because of the food,  (though that was great) but because I saw the Lord riding across the heavens to rescue me.  He really is a good good Father.

The fruit of her heart and her hands❤️


I was so glad to get home and looked forward to normal days pattering around in my own kitchen.  

But grandma wanted Scott and I to take her to Red Lobster and so the Bootcamp continued.😉

Dry grilled shrimp, plain baked potato, well done steamed broccoli without butter

It was SOOOO good

Truly, it doesn’t sound very good, but those shrimp were juicy and succulent without needing any extra butter.  (At home I would add Ghee) The potato was moist and flavorful and added the perfect combination with the tender broccoli florets that were soft and not crunchy. (My favorite way to eat broccoli)


This stuff is AMAZING!  I mean there are no words.  I love adding it to eggs, meat, veggies.

Sprinkled on chicken adds the perfect coating

Another new favorite

A friend on one of my Whole30 Support sites talked about how she using Prosciutto instead of bacon because it’s cheaper than finding complaint bacon.  I think it’s even better.  The thinness frys up crispy and savory.

Overeasy eggs with Everything bagel sprinkled on top, fried Prosciutto, and carmelized peppers and onions.


Amazing!  Last night some girlfriends and I went to a concert.  We had to climb copious amounts of stairs, wait in long lines, and walk a far distance to get around.  Normally, the next I would be wiped out and have lots of aches and pains.  I feel great.  I could just cry my joints feel SO good.  The foggy brain is almost completely gone.  I have moments of frustration when I get hungry or when I forget to prep.  Learning how to work harder up front is going to take time.  

Let’s Go Week THREE!

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