Sunday, January 7, 2018

Whole30 Week ONE


This week has been filled with what could only be supernatural encouragement from the Lord.  If you read my post 
Temporary Blindness you will know why I began this 30 day fast from dairy, gluten, grains, sweeteners, diet soda, etc.., This is an opportunity for the Lord to make sure that HE is Lord of my life and nothing else!   My memory verse has been such a sweet reminder of why I’m doing what I’m doing.

Though I did not feel great the first day (my stomach was a mess after eating too much preparing for the fast🙄) this has been an incredible journey that I’ve actually been enjoying.  

The negative side effects were that my stomach felt achy the first day as my body detoxed from the bad foods I had been binging on the week before.  I had to learn to adjust to not adding stevia to morning coffee and let go of half and half.  I had to learn how to eat without a diet soda.  I love the crisp cold bubbly texture of my diet Dr.Petter or Tab.  

The positive side effects have been more energy...I feel more awake and present and less foggyness.  I am having no joint pain.  NONE!  Though I have done without sugar and grains, I’ve never stopped dairy and diet soda’s too.  I was consuming way too much butter, cream cheese, cottage cheese, whey protein, yogurt, cheese, half and half, heavy cream.  These are all compliant foods on Trim Healthy Mama and in moderation they are fine.  But I had taken them from good-gift to gluttony.  

I’m so thankful that my family is participating with me.  Scott and I have actually bonded over working out meal plans and trying new things together.  Jacob has been a trooper letting go of the junk his brothers are still eating😉

I will share some of the meals we’ve enjoyed this week:

Sauteed’ shrimp with zucchini and one big bowl or the raw chopped veggies from Trader Joe’s.  I added Himalayan mineral salt, pepper, coconut amino’s, nutritional yeast, and cooked it in coconut oil.  

This was our families absolute favorite!  

You just have to slice and sear on both sides.  I did mine in a iron skillet with coconut oil.  It was savory and crispy on the outside and melt-in-your-mouth soft-as-butter on the INSIDE😊

I didn’t think I liked brussel sprouts and then I tried an idea from someone doing Whole30!  You steam your brussel sprouts, smoosh them flat, drizzle with oil (I used avocado) sprinkle with Himalayan mineral salt, nutrional yeast, garlic granules, and pepper and bake on 400 for 30 minutes.  Oh my goodness!  They were crispy on the outside and tender on the inside.  There were a few brusselsprouts that were still tough after steaming and I did not use them. 

Thank you to my friend Jessica Herbert for sharing this precious cream!  Though I am unable to sweeten my coffee for this 30 days, I can use this complaint creamer that is half almond milk and half coconut cream.  

It doesn’t have any yucky preservatives and it makes my coffee fluffy frothy and FABULOUS!

Something that has been INCREDIBLY HELPFUL is prepping and planning.  I’ve been almost hermit like this first week as I’ve been learning how to plan my days.  I know that soon I will find momentum and it won’t be a big deal.  But I like to precut all my raw veggies and put together my snack packs of grapes and cashews.

My goal is to check in next Sunday!  I can’t wait to tell you about week two which is sure to be a challenge because I’ll be traveling for training.  I’m so thankful for the women God has put in my life to share ideas on how to stay the course.  We have also started a new private FB group just for friends that  are doing the Whole30 challenge.  My hope is to stay connected with these ladies as we decide how to transition.  Will it be THM or Paeleo?  Every person is different.  You can FB messenger me if you would like to join our group and walk with other women!  

 We’re Better together!


  1. Way to go! You are doing awesome and your meals look yummy!

    1. Thank you, Kelly! I’m thankful to have you on this journey with me.