Monday, May 23, 2011

Last Minute Tips For Convention!

For those of us who live in sunny Florida our FPEA Convention is coming up in just a few days!  How excited we all are to get to stay at the beautiful Gaylord.  It has a beautiful glass atrium that allows you to stroll beaches, walk boardwalks and gaze upon live alligators while INSIDE an air conditioned environment.

The speaker schedule is chock full of incredible topics this year.  Everything from Unschooling to Classical Education.  Did you know that the FPEA is the largest homeschool convention in the United States?!  This allows them to bring in some of the best speakers from all over our nation. 

If you are coming out this week here are some tips I've learned through my own misfortune:

Bring your own bottled water.  You can buy a flat for what you would pay for 1-2 bottles.

Wear comfortable shoes.  The vendor hall alone is the size of a football field. 

Bring your own snacks!  We get granola bars, crackers and cheese and I even make up a batch of muenster cheese chunks mixed with grapes in ziplocks.

Order your Meals To Go.  FPEA has worked out a special with the Gaylord and you can feed a family of four for just $15.  Check out their website to sign up and pay when you get there.

Bring address stickers along and use that when signing up for mailing lists.  It will save you a TON of time.

Go through your catalog and find out if any of your favorite vendors are offering specials.  

Time4Learning is discounted their annual online, full curriculum program from just 169.95.  (Normally runs 241.00)  They are also giving every person who signs up a FREE ONE YEAR PREMIUM SPELLING CITY MEMBERSHIP.  I know this because I get to help them at their booth this year.  Stop by and say "hi"!


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