Saturday, September 3, 2016

The Freedom Conference--Calvary Chapel


Affirmation Ballet performing Worship through dance at our Freedom Conference. 

My mom attended the Freedom Conference with me at Calvary Chapel. Not only was it her first time hearing the Freedom message, it was the first time she has ever heard me speak.  Living so far away we don't get to do as many girly things together as we'd like. It was a legacy moment in my life. I ❤️ her so much. 
It was a powerful morning filled with worship, teaching, encouragement, and more.

  • Julie Caprio shared about praying with THANKSGIVING and PRAISE. 
  • Mary (that's me) shared about RELATIONAL READING. 
  • Debbie Friley shared about the POWER OF GOD's WORD
  • Betty Selig shared about DIGGING DEEPER into God's Word. 
Ladies practicing Relational Reading

This was one of the highlights of my day. First, I grabbed my girlfriend DEE and together we modeled RELATIONAL READING. Then, we had all the gals break up into groups of two or three and practice using Psalm 103. As I walked through the tables I could hear precious words being offered up to the Lord. It took my breath away. I had a glimpse of God in heaven listening into the prayers of His people. My mind cannot conceive. 


After the conference we stopped by grandma's for a visit. Oh how I love these two precious faces.  It was the perfect ending to our big day!

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