Tuesday, March 26, 2019

God Wants to TRANSFORM your works into FRUIT!


Based on Romans 2:8-11

That church in Rome sure does remind me of us modern day believers.  I am not saved by works, but I am known by my fruit and the evidence of it in my life.


Works happens when I try to obey the rules, but my heart is not really there.  

Fruit is what happens when I sit and soak and let God take over.  

My thinking is revealed by how I consistently live my life...in the spot light and in private.  They should go hand in hand.

Paul’s audience is the christian Church in Rome.  It was predominately made up of gentiles, though there were some Jews.  

He is saying...You who claim to be born again, not of corruptible seed, but incorruptible.  listen Up!  Incorruptible seed cannot be self-seeking, cannot proclaim the truth written in scripture and yet not live it out in your daily life.

Their fruit was causing him to come in and to challenge them, to remind them, to shake them up...and what Paul says to them in this passage is what God says to me this morning.  

Daughter, are you seeking my attention or the attention of man?  Are you promoting ME or are you promoting YOU?  Come to me...let Me fill you up, change your thinking, set your purpose ON ME...surrender yourself TO ME.  Let go of your own plans and ideas and be still in presence and in my Word.

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