Tuesday, March 19, 2019



Based on Romans 1:21-23

The Roman Christ Followers fell away!  They became caught up in their culture of excess and wanting to indulge the flesh.  Man-made idols enticed their hearts and minds because they tried to intellectualize and create a God that fit their image.  They knew Elohim...Creator God, but they did not know Yahweh the personal God.  

This morning I lift up my heart to YOU my God...Yahweh, Jehovah!  Lord, mold me into your image...sanctify those parts of my flesh that want to indulge and hang out with my sinful nature.  Help me to catch foxes (SOS 2:15) and remind me that I have no obligation to my old ways. (Romans 8:12)  Help me to identify those sinful areas in my heart that I keep tending too and instead would you pull them up by their root and plant NEW SEED that hungers after obedience and Holiness.  

You are Glorious, Exalted, Resplendent, Majestic and lifted up!  Your ways our higher than mine...your thoughts are higher than mine...your love endures forever!  Thank you for making me yours!

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