Wednesday, December 28, 2011

New Beginnings.....New Camera!

I know it sounds silly but one of the things that has really been difficult this past month as our family has gone through some pretty significant challenges was that my beloved camera broke.  I felt like someone had chopped of my hands.  

You see, I process through words, pictures and conversation.  Blogging, writing articles, sharing through facebook, are all tools that help me process my emotions, thoughts, and idea's.

My camera simply helps me put words to my feelings.  It's as though I've been sitting in limbo and not had a chance yet to reflect and remember.  I deeply long to work through my feelings.  Sometimes I feel totally fine and other times it feels like they are going to crush me.    

It wasn't until Scott actually took me to purchase the camera that I understood how much I had missed this powerful tool.  It all came together as I stood in that store bawling my eyes out.  The poor man helping us had no idea what in the world was wrong with this emotional woman. (smile)  

How could I explain to him that this was not just a camera, this is a tool the Lord uses to help me connect and come alive?  Instead, I quietly clung to Scott's arm while he lovingly smiled and shook his head.


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