Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Something Even Better Than COFFEE...


Beloved daughter, Wait for me, expectantly look for me, and steadfastedly hope in me.  When you do this you will gain new strength and renew my power in you!  You will lift up your wings and rise up to me like an eagle rises towards the sun.  When you wait, expect, look for and hope in Me, you will run and not become weary, you will walk and now grow tired.  (Based on Isaiah 40:31)

As I sit here this morning in the presence of the Lord and I meditate on His Word...my heart begins to interact with the One who knows me best and loves me most.  He reminds me of truth.  Being busy, being about my own agenda, being focused on tasks today, running for the sake of checking boxes will bring nothing but a weariness coffee could never conquer.  This is mans way of handling life.  

But if I quiet my heart and wait on Him, expecting him to show up, my whole being begins to eagerly anticipate and look for Him...I am filled with HOPE!  A hope this world cannot offer.  A hope that cannot be measured by the confines of my human frail heart.  It is there that I find Him!  It is there that I am renewed and strengthened and given purpose.  God's way of living my life!

"Mary, my thoughts are nothing like your thoughts.  And my ways are far beyond anything you could imagine".-- Isaiah 55:8

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