Friday, July 6, 2012

It's Here! My New 2012/13 Date Book!

 It's here!  It's here!  My newest datebook from MuchAdoAboutYou!

Last year I ordered the medium sized planner, and though I liked it immediately I knew that this year I was going to try the larger size.  I also added their pen loop!

Last years and this years (Front)


 I love the bedazzled monthly tabs

It has a month at a glance with notes.

Here is last years planner that has been used.

The appointment side allows you to grid in time you are not available or even lesson plans.  I use the bottom boxes to record or plan my dinners.

I'm so glad I added the pen loop this year.  Now I hopefully won't have to hunt all over kingdom come to find one when I'm trying to quickly jot down an appointment.

I like that each block is broke down into 15 min segments.

 This is one of my favorite pages.  You can plan out your year so it's all in one place.  This helps when I am planning Strength Dinner clubs, CC Community events, doctor appointments, birthdays, celebrations, etc....

 Apparently, the precious kitty we are babysitting for friends wanted my attention and refused to get out of the shot.  (Love this cat!)

 The next few pictures are of pages in the back you can record on.  This one allows you to record memorable events.

 Boxes to plan for the next year.

 In the very back is a double sided thick pocket folder.  It's great for bills, cards, mail, etc...

For Fun you get to personalize the front of your planner!

This is the beautiful tissue paper it comes wrapped in.  This company has style!

I learned of Much Ado About You from Lysa Turkeurst of Proverbs 31 Ministries.


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