Sunday, July 29, 2012

Meet Our New Baby Girl....Zoe!

 Our hearts were aching after losing our Precious three weeks ago.  She was so old, but we adored her.  Towards the end she could barely walk, could no longer jump up on the couch, and had trouble breathing.  The vet confirmed this and we said goodbye.  

Precious will never be forgotten.  

However, after three weeks of sadness we felt like nothing would heal our hearts better than a new baby kitten. 

On 7/25,  Colton picked out our baby Zoe.

Welcome newest Arnold baby!

 Zoe's first appointment with our vet!

 She weighs 2.5 pounds and is 10 weeks old.

 Jacob was assisting our vet tech.

 My nephew Jacob was comforting her after they took her temperature.

 Apparently, Zoe didn't like me taking pictures and started biting the wrist holder, LOL!

Zoe's doctor and nurse.  She passed with flying colors. 


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