Sunday, September 2, 2012

Turning My Date Book Into A SMASH book!

I love scrapbooking/smashbooking.  As I crop, glue, stick, and stow pictures onto memory books, it allows me to pray for the people in the pictures, while reflecting on God's faithfulness in our life  However, time seemed to always be the issue. 

After months on Pinterest I began to take bits and pieces of other peoples idea's and made up my own little system.  I will share it below:

1-  I start with my muchadoaboutyou datebook. 

2-  This last month I began journaling a snapshot of each day into the month-at-a-glance calendar.  My grandmother has done this since she retired in 1989 on her wall calendars.  I love how we pull them out to look back.

 3-  Next, I use my weekly appointment pages all month long, but when I'm done with the month, I simply turn those weekly appointment pages into my smashbook by adding cardstock, pictures, and journaling.  

 Why does this seem so much more doable?  Because I simply print the pictures I take one month at a time.  

What I am sharing in this post is memories from the month of August.  When October comes around I'll do the same thing with my September pictures.  

Here is our month of August!

 My hope is that one day this will be a beautiful legacy to look back on when my children are grown and gone, or maybe even a legacy for grandchildren after I'm gone?

My only concern is that it might make my book too bulky.  If it does, I will see if Office Depot can re-spiral my notebook to make it fit.  


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