Saturday, October 19, 2013

Fall Flag Football

We are so blessed to be a part of an excellent christian athletic organization.  It's called Calvary Sports.  They did such an incredible job organizing the teams and working out the times.  Seth is on the older team.  He's one of the smaller boys for the older age group.  Jacob and Joshy are on the second oldest team.  They both LOVED it!  Josh and Jake made two tackles (flags) and Seth made three.  

Unfortunately, I ordered the wrong size jersey's and had to ask them to be exchanged.  Hopefully we'll have them next Saturday.  

Seth thought his coaches and the team were GREAT!

They started with drills

Practiced different plays

And then moved right into a real game.

Jacob was thrilled to see his old baseball coach when he walked on the field.

Sethy was totally focused

And fast

Though he needs to work on catching the ball;-)

And he did....he DID!

Huddle and teaching time

Strong Godly men leading our boys

My beautiful sister, Brandy

Our friends the Davis'

This picture cracked me up.  Jacob is just like his mama.  It's all about social networking....

Jayson and Eli

Jonathan and Daddy

Dads hanging out

Joshua listening intently

Jacob receiving instruction

Go Team!

I loved watching these two brothers play on the sideline

Can I just tell you that this was the best ice cold water I've ever had.  I brought water for the boys and forgot one for me.  After sitting in the hot sun for two hours I was parched.  My precious friend Angela offered me a cold bottle of water and it was the best gift anyone had ever given me.

At the end the coaches lead the boys in a devotional

Notice that almost all of them chose the shade.  They were HOT!

So thankful for this life and for my family.  Lord, don't ever let me take these precious gifts for granted. 


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