Thursday, October 31, 2013

I Love My Job!

One of my most prized roles as a Support Manager with Classical Conversations is that twice a year I get to travel to all the CC Communities within my area.  The purpose?  To get to know the new moms, reconnect with old familiar faces, and to see all the wonderful things each community is doing.

Today's visit was Clearwater!

OH MY!  How I loved these incredible families.  They were warm and welcoming and full of HIS everlasting love.  Their students were precious and delightful. 

Amber, their tutor for the 7 year old class did an AMAZING job drilling the rich information Classical Conversations presents to our students each week.

She was so good to stay on time and even worked with a timer in her hand.  It looked effortless.

Clearwater has a large 4 year old class.

Their parents were super involved.

My favorite part was watching mom take notes in her guide.  You know this helps her to walk out her homeschool effortlessly the other four days she works out of her home.

Science was FUN as they walked through SunPrints.

They drilled the grammar of the sun.

The students had a great time prepping their sunPrint sheets.

Waiting for them to dry


Thank you for letting come and play with you Clearwater.  You guys were the BEST!


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