Tuesday, October 8, 2013

What does a typical CC Day look like?

I know when I was looking into Classical Conversations I desperately wanted to know what a typical day looked like.  So tonight's post is a day-at-a-glance.

It begins with the tutors gathering together to pray.  We ask the Lord to walk before us, behind us, and to pour out HIS wisdom and HIS words!  We are so very aware that apart from Him we can do nothing.

My husband wanted to know why I was taking our toilet paper to community day.....science! (duh)

 This little boy is so precious to me.  Luke is my friends miracle child and he was so worth the wait!

Each morning we start with a 15 minute assembly.  It's a time of prayer, pledge, and family presentations.  This particular morning we laid hands on one of students who broke her femur.  I loved watching the moms and students gather together to pray over our beloved Paris.

Lejano Family

Family presentations are a time of getting to know our community.  We are not a drop off program.  Parents stay and attend with their children.  It's a great way to knit our hearts to one another.  I love both of these families and I'm so thankful that God placed them in my life.  

Kronz Family

Mrs. Kronz is our 4 year old tutor.  Her kids LOVE her.  

Mrs. Kronz then spends 30 minutes on five crisp components.  This was New Grammar.

Here they are working on the timeline

Classical Conversations trains tutors and moms to use memory tools to help with retention.  Mrs. Kronz is using movement and hand motions in this picture.

Mrs. Buxbaum has our older all-girls class.  She does a FABULOUS job helping her girls learn the material.  

Time for geography!

Classical Conversations tutors students to learn locations and names.

Moms are prepared for exactly what they are going to do at home the next four days.  It's modeled for them in a fun and festive environment.

Welcome to SCIENCE!  One of my favorite parts of CC is that I don't have to put together messy experiments on my own.  When I homeschooled on my own I dreamed of doing more hands on, in community parents simply show up and all the work is done for them.  No supplies to purchase, no messes to clean up.....DONE!

Today we used toilet paper squares to show the distance of the planets from the sun.

They had so much fun.  The only snag was the wind wanted to blow the paper away.

Fear not!  Mrs. Kronz used rocks and tape to keep it in place.

This is where friendships blossom and grow.

Conversations, laughter, and fellowship

Presentations vary from age to age.  In our 4 & 5 year old classes it's simply a show-and-tell.  As they get older the content becomes deeper, but our goal is not content it's skill set.  We work on eye contact, projection, posture, pronunciation.

Ruthie telling us about her favorite stuffed animals.

My Jacob taught his class how to play a particular tune using a cup, a hard surface, and his hands.

They had a blast!

Mrs. Dennison does such a great job leading our big boys.  Oh how I love her!

We do four 6-week Fine Arts segments.  This quarter is music theory.  We use the tin whistle to learn all about notes, grammar, and application through learning to play songs.

Learning to play the D note


Eighth Note

Eighth note with a flair!

I love watching those serious little faces

The whole family joins the FUN!

Girl Power!

Hey!  Don't forget about the boys.

Our afternoon program is all about writing and language arts

Mrs. Williams (and Mrs. Mullins) does such a great job helping her students do the best they can where they're at.



  1. Mary, I LOVE this post! You showed a typical day so well! I love how uplifted I am after spending my day with a community of Godly families.

    1. Yes! Hey, will you blog a typical day from your community? I love reading your blog;-)