Friday, December 14, 2012

Challenge A Strengths Dinner #3!

We had a special December, Challenge A Strengths Dinner.  Our precious friends husband gifted our group with a huge gift certificate.  

We were able to meet in The Melting Pots private dining room which allowed us to surprise our precious friend and mentor, Lynn Doto for her birthday.  It was such an incredible night of connecting.  

As a matter of fact, FOUR of us have connectedness and we had incredible conversations about what the SUPER POWER and KRYPTONITE of this particular strength theme are!

Connectedness is what helps us pull things together. (information, scripture, people, relationships)  

The SUPER POWER is when we use our connectedness to connect to the Lord and then to help those around us get to HIM too.  

The KRYPTONITE is that when we are not connected to the Lord we can connect to the wrong things. (Idols that pull our hearts from  the Lord)

Happy birthday to Lynn!

 Sweet Sisters In the Lord!

 Dee Dee loving her white chocolate fondue!

It's such a chore to lead these Strength Dinner Clubs.  (smile)

Thank you, Mr. Larreau for blessing our dinner club.


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