Sunday, December 2, 2012

Last Day Of Classical Conversations For 2012!

One of my favorite parts of our last day was that the Challenge A class was given free reign on choosing their final writing project.  I choose to do a Story Starter with my class.  This is one of my all time favorite homeschooling books for new writers!

We then invited the parents to join us at the end of the day for a presentation of their Story Starters!  I loved listening to all of the creativity the Lord has given each student.  The only sad part for this mama is that her Colton was home and VERY sick.  He missed the last day. 

Mrs. Ulrich's Essentials Class

I have truly enjoyed watching Mrs. Ulrich (Terri) have a blast with her Essentials class this past semester.  She is such a beautiful example of mentor/shepherd.  

I was recently talking with a friend about Classical Conversations.  She asked me if I ever dreamed about homeschooling on my own again.  Truthfully, I will have moments when I look at my bookshelf and see some of the fantastic curriculum sitting there not being used and find myself beginning to go down that road for all of two minutes, but then the Lord pulls my heart back to reality.  

I (this is not true for everyone) am a much better homeschooler when in community.  I thrive with the accountability and relationships.  As I look at the pictures when blogging each week I realize that on my own I might have lots of good idea's, but truthfully we often never got to them.  Community gives me the follow through.

Honoring Our Host Church

 "Blessed are they who serve the Lord.  He will not forget your work and the love you have shown HIM as you have helped his people." ~ Hebrews 6:10

We absolutely LOVE our host church!  Faith Covenant has been such a beautiful example of what true Godly hospitality is all about.  This picture is of all the directors honoring two incredible women who make our entire experience INCREDIBLE!!!
On my right is, Mary Lou. (Pink Shirt)  Mary Lou always has a smile on her face and a heart full of grace.  Our community has almost tripled in size this year and Mary Lou is the one that is responsible to make sure the church is always put back in order.  She is one of the hardest workers I've ever met.  She truly makes us feel like it is a pleasure to have us each week.  Even though it makes so much more work for her.  This is someone with a true heart for Jesus!  She inspires me!

On my left is, Debbie.  Beautiful Debbie, is Faith Covenant's secretary who acts as our liason with the church staff.  She always has a smile on her face, a gracious greeting, a kind response.  She also makes us feel wanted and loved.  We could not do what we do every year without these two amazing ladies and all of the FCC Staff!  

Thank YOU, Faith Covenant Church!!!

Thanksgiving Celebration
Thanksgiving Community Celebration!

My Strengths twin, Dee Dee Larreau (Woo, Communication, Positivity) and I not even realizing we were taking the exact same picture at opposite ends of the table! (Ha!)  I love this woman! 

Something new we did this year was purposefully schedule our Challenge lunches so that we could truly celebrate together!  

I love seeing my little Jacob's face peeking out as he mingled in with my Challenge A students!

My most treasured sista' fellowshipping with Debbie and Mary Lou!  

All of the food was amazing, but my absolute favorite was this Butter Cake.  It literally melted on your tongue.  I went running over to Christa to make sure she got some and her face lit up!  This was HER dessert!  I picked it before I even knew she had made it.  It was AMAZING!  
Christa, can you bring one of these with our Chicken Pot Pies the next time you make our family dinner. (Big Grin)

Challenge III!

Beautiful Lynn and Kimberly enjoying lunch together with the community!

Beautiful Brenda, our Challenge I Director!

My zany class posting with colored tin foil on our nose in celebration of the season!  Goodbye 2012.


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