Sunday, December 2, 2012

My New Toy!

 I had such a wonderful birthday celebration this year.  My friends and family were generous with their time and love!  One of my lovely gifts was a gift card to Amazon.  Because of this I was able to finally buy my coveted keyboard for my Ipad!  I have waited almost a full year.

I love my Ipad.  It's so much easier to take places then my laptop, but I hated typing on the screen.  I just wasn't very good at it.  I did my homework and ended up going with the The Kensington.
 The keyboard is a tad bit smaller than the one I use with my laptop, but it has in no way slowed down my typing.  The only tricky key is my shift which is much smaller.

 This case has super-duper velcro to help hold the screen in place.  It also has a stand.  It folds up easily and is a cinch to carry in your purse or bag. 

If you have an Ipad 2 or 3 and want to add a convenient keyboard check out the Kensington:  AMAZON   The pricing has gone up since I purchased.  Still a great price though!


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