Monday, December 3, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012!

 It's become tradition that we go to my parents for Thanksgiving each year.  It's something I find myself looking forward to with my whole heart.  It's the mark that our vacation has truly begun!  This year was our first one without my dad.  It was bittersweet.  I missed his presence, his humor....I even missed him bossing me around. (big tearful smile)  It felt incomplete without him.  Yet, at the same time the Lord allowed us to move forward knowing that my dad is no longer in any pain.  He is healed and whole and would not have wanted to be anywhere else but where he is right at this moment!

 I so ENJOYED my mama and all the fun we shared while connecting, cooking, eating, and playing.  How blessed I am that the Lord chose me to be hers! 


Getting ready to pig out, dig in, scoop up our thanksgiving FEAST!

(Far left is my baby brother Tim, Colton in the background, my beloved brother-in-law Paul, Scotty, and our Brandon!)

 My beautiful sister Paige (who makes the best homemade Mac & Cheese EVER) and her Paul chilling out after pigging out!

 Paige's famous Mac & Cheese

 My SkinnyTaste Stuffing!  It was YUMMO!


My parents have a wrap around porch on the second story.  What a joy it was to sit in my dads rocking chair to have my daily quiet time.  As I dug into the Word I felt such a perfect peace that could only come from heaven!

 I am reading through Joshua right now and thought it so personal that THIS is the verse the Lord gave me the first day of vacation!  I could almost hear his voice telling me to rest, refresh, renew!  Boy, did I EVER!

 It was a wonderful time for Scott and I too!  We were able to pull away from our responsibilities and just BE!

 One of my favorite memories was hearing the guitar and finding Scotty sitting by himself on the porch strumming away.  He was so at peace.  It filled my heart.

I snapped this shot as we were heading into town.  There is a beautiful horse farm right down the road from my moms. 


 The boys talked mom into watch The Walking Dead.  This tells you how much she liked it, LOL!

 My little sharpshooters!  (Seth)


 My moms newest little girl, Cowboy!


 Scott and Brandon woke up at 5am, grabbed a cup of coffee and walked over to my parents river property to watch the sun come up.  I love watching my husband mentor his boys!


 One of the stops we always try to make is to my cousin Debbie and Roker's farm!  Debbie has such a gift of hospitality!  She can organize and decorate like no one I've ever met before!  It's a JOY to spend time with her. 

 She (and her husband) made her preserves cabinet out of two very old doors.  She found them when a house was being knocked down and cut them to make this amazing cabinet.

 She has tones of goats.  This was her newest baby!

 My beautiful cousin, Lynn stopped by on Wednesday and brought us yummy preserves!  I so enjoyed sitting and talking.   My highlight was looking through her pictures from her vacation to Europe.  

 On our last night mom grilled steaks, made loaded baked potatoes, and salad!

 We then gathered around the campfire to make S'mores!

 Thank you, Lord!  Thank you for this life you've given us and specifically for my sweet mama.  I pray you bless her today!


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