Saturday, December 29, 2012

IPad Mini!!!!

Heart be still!  

Last year I purchased the Ipad 2 to take with me on a business trip to North Carolina.  It was so much easier than toting around my laptop which is on the brink of dying.  I loved (still love) it! I have easy access to websites, files, and even programs where I can type out notes and permanently store them between all our devices.

There was only one little problem.  I bought the Wifi version and found there were key moments when I could not use my device.  Often when on a business trip and the hotel had sketchy wifi.   

As a matter of fact, on my very first trip to North Carolina last year, they were working on upgrading and installing wifi in the rooms. Long story short, I could not use my Ipad in my room to connect with my family.  (Imagine me sneaking down to the lobby in my robe to get a signal)  Though, it worked fine in our meeting place!

Overall, it's been wonderful.  But the mini kept woo'ing my heart.  I knew we could use it, as we have a large family. 

As the mini was being released I kept trying to justify the cost and simply couldn't. I completely put away the idea and moved on.

Four weeks later.......

Scott and I are getting ready to go shopping and glance down at our mail, where lo and behold, it showed that our AT&T store was offering $100 off all Ipad mini's that week. 

Long story short:

With our $100 off we were able to use Christmas money given as a gift to purchase the mini and it would not cost anything to add it to our data plan.  The sales person explained that I had 6 Gigs in my current plan and that I was using less than ONE.

As you can tell from the pictures we were SOLD!  

 This is the Otterbox case that the manager threw in as part of our deal!  

Update!  I just purchase a new case that includes a wireless keyboard, as I'm preparing to fly to North Carolina for more training.  I'm sure I'll be taking lots of notes.  

What do I think?

It's like it was made for me!  I love it more than any other device I own, including my laptop.  It's simply easier and more convenient to use.  The data plan makes it accessible everywhere and the size let's it fit easily into my purse or my hand.  I do still need my laptop because Ipad's do not work when you need to install a CD-Rom and we use teaching textbooks for our math program.  But, generally speaking I use my mini the most! 

As much as I love my new mini, it will never be my first love!  May HE always take first place in my heart......


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