Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Alaska Here We Come - Day TWO

We woke early on Monday morning and this was the view from our breakfast dining room....breathtaking!

This is the view from our balcony.  We loved watching the sky light up in HIS majestic splendor!

I just had to show that the plannerpad even worked while on vacation.  We were able to pick and choose the events we wanted and then scheduled them out each day.  I love my plannerpad no matter where I am.  (Are you guys getting sick of my plannerpad love affair?)

The food on board was out of this world.  Norwegian truly outdid themselves in almost every area.

Scott posing with their old man hat.  You can't see the grey hair very well,.

We went to a lecture about our destination Skagway.

We then stayed for the lecture on glaciers.  It was great.  I learned lots of new grammar.

This is the hallway to the theatre.  We were not allowed to take pictures inside, but you can tell by just this view that it was very opulent.  Though on this day we attended classes we also saw comedy, music, and magic shows.  Their entertainment was phenomenal.  

That afternoon I went and had sushi while Scott worked out.  It was so peaceful to sit and read and just relax.

There is no way to articulate the beauty of what we were seeing because you can't explain what your other senses were taking in at the same time. 

 Cool crisp air.  Fresh fragrant smells.  Quiet except the sound of the waves hitting the boat.  

After a morning of quiet reflection we decided to shake things up a bit with fun!  We tricked our boys into thinking we got tattoo's to commemorate our 25th wedding anniversary.  (In truth they were just spray on's...hehehe) 

A lot of our scheduled shows and activities took place in the Spinnaker Lounge located at the top of the ship.  

We took turns between using the elevator and the stairs.  

Scotty showing me his tattoo

We played, Name That Tune and lost

At night they turned down our beds and left us fun little towel animals.


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