Sunday, September 15, 2013

Alaska, Here We Come......

Scotty and I boarded our US Air flight early Saturday morning.  We couldn't believe it was here.  Months and months of planning for our big 25th wedding anniversary celebration to Alaska and it all began with this flight. This very long flight across the entire country.

Once we were through all the drama of take off and things had settled down. (Take off always feels dramatic to me) I was able to relax and look out my window.  It was beautiful.  This picture was taken right before we landed in Phoenix for our layover.  One hour later we were on our way to Seattle.

This was our first sight of Seattle.  Beautiful Mt. Rainer.

We are cruising with Norwgian and they have been awesome!  Sweet Sandy met us where we went to get our baggage and walked us down to the transportation they had provided.

They took us right to our beautiful hotel, "The Crowne Plaza".  

This is our view from the 16th floor.  That big building in the back is Amazon headquarters.  Isn't that cool?

The biggest blessing of the day came when the McKinnon's showed up.  Lani and Chris drove three hours (they are now stationed in Portland) to spend the entire evening with us.  I loved every single second so much.   It still brings tears to my eyes because I miss them.

This is a picture of Scotty and I in our taxi with Lani and Chris driving behind us. 


Our destination was Pikes Market

It was wonderful.  Very Bohemian

I would shop here every single day if we lived in this area

I loved the ambiance and feel of the area

I thought of all my dear friends who love tea when we saw this quaint little shop

Dinner time.  We stopped at a wonderful little local diner where I had crab legs and Scott and Chris split their chicken and ribs.  

 Sweet Isabel drew her Auntie Mary a picture and told me not to let anything happen to it (grin)

This is their homemade butter and lard.  Yes, I said lard.  I thought...ewww, but it was WOW!  It blew the butter away.  Maybe it's a good thing we don't live here. (smile)

This was their Salmon spread.  Unfortunately, it was not as good.  Ted Peters is still my favorite.  (Thinking of you, Brenda Baird)

More shots from Pikes

 Scotty and I felt like we were kids again

Okay, prepare yourself.  This is a famous wall where people from all over (including some celebrities) place their gum.  Pilar desperately wanted to see this icotic place since we were here.

Uncle Scotty was having fun playing around with the kids.

Apparently, I've been living under a rock because it sure did seem to be the most happening place around. (smile)

We shopped at this quaint little coffee shop by the gum wall.  They had the best pumpkin iced latte I've ever had.  We all indulged. 

We then walked approximately 1 1/2 miles to the Space needle and Chihuly Gardens.

I LOVE the Chihuly museum by our house, but this one is the BEST!

How anyone can take glass and make it this beautiful I will never understand.

The Lorax

Lani and I at the space needle.  (after walking uphill for a long time)

The Alweg Monorail is an awesome form of transportation to get from one end of Seattle to the other.  We just wished we'd known about before we W-A-L-K-E-D all the way there in a slip on pair of heels.  (

On the monorail.  It flies above the streets.  This was definitely not the old Busch Gardens monorail from home.  There was not time to get to "see" the city as we sped by, but it was an amazing experience. 

This shop reminded me of my grandma.  She used to have an old Singer sewing machine and the walls were covered in them.

This looks exactly like hers.

Downtown Seattle.  It reminded me of what I would imagine New York to be like.  TONS of people, it doesn't ever sleep.  By this time it was well after midnight our time (9pm Seattle time) and I was starting to fade after our big day of flight and transporting luggage to our hotel. 


Do you see the time?  It didn't seem to matter that we had been up 24 hours and walked our life away.  I could not sleep in to save my life.  As you can see if was 6:39 am and we were showered, packed, and waiting. (4 1/2 hours early)

Passport and ID ready to go......I will be out of communication for the next week.

See you when we get back!


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